A Babbling Brook

There I was, standing alone in the forest, standing amongst the trees. I heard nothing but the rustle of canopies, the soft bubbling of a nearby stream, and my own mind getting quieter and quieter. But in that moment, I was hit with the sudden, strong urge...

... to snap some pics.

“Wait, why am I doing this?”

I held my phone up to the sunlight, like I'm checking a counterfeit bill. I tapped its glassy screen, and heard it make a counterfeit shutter sound.

“It's not like I ever post these photos online, or even really look back at them.”

There was a particularly odd tree to my left. I turned to it, placing the tree dead center of my camera frame. On second thought, it'd look better if it was slightly off to the side, composed according to the rule of thirds.

“Am I really that paranoid that someday I'll want pictures to remember this by someday? Am I just a hoarder?”

After another mechanical shutter noise, the only sound left was the soft bubbling of a stream somewhere in the distance, somewhere I couldn't see. I wanted to find it, and capture it on camera. I went off the trail, and followed that sound.

“Seriously, am I one of those people so damn dependent on technology, I can't just simply experience the beauty of nature for what it is?”

I pushed through bushes, climbed over rocks, and made this short hike even more challenging for myself by holding my phone up the entire time, recording. A couple minutes later, I made it to my destination - a babbling brook.

“What is it with my damn obsession, my damn compulsion to take photos I'll never even look at again? Documenting my life is a distraction from life.”

Tiny waterfalls. A flowing mirror. There were a few flat rocks sticking out of the stream, so I thought it would be interesting to get way down there, and take a photo from brook-level. I also decided to stack some stones on top of each other.

“Thanks, me. Now, instead of simply enjoying the view...”

This brook. Its soft bubbling has been taunting me since the beginning of my hike. A brook babbling almost as much as my mind, which, this entire time, could not shut the fuck up about "my inability to simply live life". Oh hey, zooming in lets me see detail I couldn't see before.

“Instead of simply enjoying the view, I've forced myself to understand the forest spatially, pay attention to nature's details, adventure into places I wouldn't have gone otherwise, play with the environment, see the world around me literally through a new lens... I... oh.”

Tap. Shutter sound.

Epilogue: All the pictures I took of the babbling brook itself were pretty crappy, coz I couldn't stop shaking nervously from, y'know, dangling my phone a few inches above running water. So, the photo above is of some weird plants I found. They're pretty weird.