Dec 1 Idea Dump

More damn ideas, with more meta-self-analysis.

Where my mind tends to go, and where else I should explore.


Meta-notes: Oh good, almost all of these have a bigger message + human emotion + merging game with story. Also, system-stories are a far better way of putting it than "videogames". My faves right now are, in order: Nothing To Hide, File Not Found, The American Dream.

Playable Pedagogy

Meta-notes: Would be great to sneak more human stories into these, like Mindful Violence and From Alice To Bob. At the least, our own personality. I'm liking Make Privacy Personal as a recurring theme through our playable posts & system stories. I'm feeling less strongly about The Active Art since I wanna move away from games? (but I do like me some system stories...)


Meta-notes: There's a couple short stories in this list. I think we should write more short stories more often. Not necessarily text form, but text is the quickest. Also, this is pretty much blogging. We got tonnes more ideas we didn't write up there.


Meta-notes: This sure is a short section. We need to work on the biggest skills outside our comfort zone: Selling. Hiring. Commissioning. Marketing. Sales. Creating a team, dammit. Them's the real biz skills we needs. But also, combining activism with entrepreneurship sure is cool. Can we do this with beyond just free culture? Privacy? Social justice? Education? Supporting the underprivileged?

Other Media

Meta-notes: Gosh, I really like ESCAPE, and perhaps a whole new genre of you-control-the-camera VR animations. I can combine this with Stop Drawing Dead Fish, to speed up the anim-making process. Art-ups is pretty funny, too. Explore new mediums, forms are merely genres, so go wild, you pioneer!

Human + Helpful + New

Those are currently my three big criteria when it comes to deciding the value of a project. Because, yeah, I've always loved directly helping people, experimenting with new stuff, and human feels. (Anti Criteria: Fame, Money, Prestige)

Which ones, on both this idea dump and last month's, fit the above criteria the best? Also, should be doable in a week. Explore these as one-week side projects. (Nothing To Hide is still the main project, coz now, it is super human + helpful + new)

  2. Mindful Violence
  3. Crossdressing Is A Drag
  4. Moody Mechanics (make it more human...)
  5. Make Privacy Personal

Yeah that doesn't really help me decide what to do next.