imma bee

Usually, whenever I take notes, plan a project, or do a diary entry, I don't only use words. I draw and doodle all the time. Yet, that's what a blog is by default – just words – and that just doesn't cut it for me.

Well, that's my excuse for not touching this blog in over three months.

So that's why I'm experimenting with this format: journaling with comics. I already use my sketchbook as a diary, mixing drawing with rambly prose... the only extra effort I'd have to do is ink it it, and take photos of it. Besides, it's more fun this way. (Also, for better or worse, images spread easier on the internet than text.)

Reflecting on this first experiment: to be honest, the flow and writing of the above comic is really clunky. I was improvising. Which is good, because I wanted it to feel low-pressure, feel just like sketching, not like I'm planning and polishing up a piece. Another downside is that my sketchbook's pages aren't thick enough, so using pen on one side of a page means I can't use the other side. (I could fix this by getting a new sketchbook, but meh.) Finally, the lighting of the photos are a bit messy.

All in all, I dunno. I'll do a couple more of these, and see then if they were worth the effort. Worst case, I tried, and hey, I had fun drawing this! I did.