It's Dandy To Be Andy

Writing Prompt - A gender of the human race has long gone extinct due to an unforeseen virus. Now, heterosexuality is a thing of the past and humans reproduce artificially, but today someone realizes they are straight.




Men always did get the short end of the biological stick. Maybe that's why they overcompensated by taking up 91% of Congress and 97% of Wall Street. And fucked over women. In the cases of India and Steubenville, literally. You see... with enough money and power, you can get away with anything. Except an airborne virus that slowly kills anyone with a Y chromosome, suffering over the course of a year, finally culminating in a day-long seizure, all your blood gushing out of your pores, and going bald.

. . .

Denise sat at her big boss chair staring at her big boss computer.

She was an astute businesswoman.

Officially, she was dealing with lawsuits about the corruption in her Surrogate Sweatshops, as the protestors would call them, where her company grows new female babies for wannabe parents back home.

Unofficially, she was looking at porn. Porn of dead men.

I mean, they're not dead in the pictures. Denise isn't that fucked up. Yet. I mean that all the porn actors she's viewing have been long dead ever since The Great Penis Purge. In a matter of two years, all biological men and transwomen -- not all women have a vagina -- were dead. Either from the virus, or committing suicide before the disease could get them.

Denise wasn't thinking about any of that.

She was concentrating on James Deen having a wank.

She's been to several therapists for this. "Androphilia", as it's officially classified in the DSM-IX. Or as her porn site's motto puts it, "It's Dandy To Be Andy". It's a serious condition. It haunts her. Her shareholders don't know, but it's driven her to bribe the managers in her Surrogate Sweatshops to keep the accidental male babies alive. Where can they keep them? Well, they've sterilized and remodelled the prisons -- now that 98% of the prison population is gone -- as a nursery to raise the male babies until adulthood.

. . .

Denise was saving the males.

Denise was saving the males... for herself.

And if there was a surplus, well, she could always sell them to her community of fellow Andies.

With enough money and power, you can get away with anything.

Men always did get the short end of the biological stick.

Denise was a very, very astute businesswoman.

Writing Notes:

I was originally going to make this a far
longer story, but I just cut it down because
I gots stuff to do. Denise was going to have
this whole breakup with her transman fiance
and stuff... but nah. I cut to the chase.

My fave parts here is the biological basis
for the male-targeted disease, plus the
science/tech ramifications of that.

Denise herself, however, isn't as well
fleshed-out as the world. I'm learning that
I can only really do that well with longer
stories. Maybe I should practice writing
characters more compactly, not worlds.