Jan 16 Idea Dump

Y'know what, this will probably be the last time I do one of these all-in-one Idea Dumps. (Previously: Dec 1, Nov 9) It's like I'm letting all this gunk collect in my mental pipes, and only bothering to clean it out long after the place has started flooding.

After this, I'll try my hand at more frequent (but much shorter) blog posts. I want to get into the habit of publishing things online more frequently, from idea to public polished sketch as quickly as possible. That's one of my aleph-null-sized infinite 2015 New Year's Resolutions, anyway.

Playable Posts: 8

This is what I'd love to explore more of in the next few months of my life. It's a totally new space, but as Parable of the Polygons proved, it's got a whole lot of potential to change education, interactive art, and hearts and minds. And it's not limited to the games audience, while still using many of my skills from making games -- in fact, I'm given even more flexibility, and procedural rhetoric is easier.

(Only concern - maybe it's just me right now, but this format can only do linear storytelling, not true interactive storytelling. That's the nature of the blog post, I guess. I think the Active Arts section will have some ideas for this.)

Active Arts: 8

There's videogames, and then there's every other damn way to mix interactivity into art. A vastly underexplored space, with lots of untapped potential. I wanna it check out.

Videogame-y Ideas: 9

Although I explicitly want to explore outside of my comfort zone of "videogames", (not that videogames culture is particularly... comforting) hey, heck, it's fun to come up with a dumb idea once in a while. Here they are.

Other Shtuff: 3

Things so outside the box, I couldn't come up with a new box for them.

...I may or may not be serious about that last one.