New, less terrible blog design!

This is what my blog looked like a couple weeks ago. Big honking banner that does nothing. 450px between the top of the page and the first sentence of the actual blog post. On my laptop, that's more than halfway down the screen.

blog before

This new redesign's slightly cleaner. Makes my eyes bleed less. Maybe this'll encourage me to actually post something more than once a month. ha ha ha ha ha (sidenote: Also, look! I can actually add sidenotes to my blog entries now! ha ha ha ha ha)

blog after

Still not the best design, but at least I'm moving away from that terrible anti-pattern of adding "cool" stuff at the expense of what your audience actually came to you for. Well, I'm trying to move away from that anti-pattern. It's the engineer's instinct to show off, even if – especially if – it benefits absolutely nobody. (sidenote: Eevee breaks down the problem far more eloquently in their post: We Have Always Been At War With UI)

In any case, thank god I'm not Medium.