Nov 9 Idea Dump

I'm going to go bonka-donkers if I don't immediately dump every single side project idea I have onto a single page. At the least, I can come back to these later. Or maybe someone else can raise my idea-children, because I am a criminally neglectful idea-parent and someone should call the idea-Child-Protective-Services on me.

Furthermore, by putting all of this into one page, I can finally see some personal trends. See how I've evolved, and what I have yet to improve.

Traditional Videogames

Trends: Goddamn awesome that ALL of these explore some mix between gameplay and narrative. It's amazing how in a half year, we've learnt so much about our craft that it's just OBVIOUS to us how to mix 'em. I think.

Interactive Nonfiction

Trends: Again, so awesome that procedural rhetoric comes naturally to us now. We have to share that knowledge with Game About Game Design. Or maybe we're waaaaay overestimating our knowledge. Who knows. I think it'd still be an interesting discussing point.


Trends: Alright. THIS is the weakest section. Okay, I mean I guess many of the above game projects have a mix of message-sending and activism, too. (Mindful Violence, Manventure, and Riot Cop Selfies especially) But I'd like more stuff that directly helps people, like the financial support that PDJam & Open Bundle gave, or the private help we did as part of P2P Privacy. And remember, avoid our previous trap of thinking world problems MUST be solved with new tech. Usually art/culture/economics/social consciousness work better. More stuff with decentralization, please?

Other Technologies

Trends: Mobile VR seems like such a ripe new input system. What would the mobile web look like, Mozilla asks? Also, again... more stuff with decentralization, please?