(Sorry for the RSS weirdness!)

Hi! Quick update to apologize if my blog's been messing up your RSS reader recently. I finally migrated from Ghost to static site generator 11ty, which I love and has been 99% wonderful to use.

The 1% was setting up RSS. See, 11ty does have an "RSS" plugin, but it's actually Atom, and I was 1) unsure if switching from RSS to Atom would mess with legacy readers, and 2) being a stan for the RSS brand. So, I tried modifying their plugin to actually use RSS.

Well, apparently I suck at implementing RSS. My feed's Atom now.

Thank you to MichaΕ‚, Ian, Victor, Tim, Dan, and Ben for catching multiple glitches with my "RSS" (now Atom) feed! And thank you for continuing to use RSS/Atom, keeping the web open and decentralized, standing guard against the attention economy robber barons who'd pickpocket their own grandmaw's eyeballs.

Please email me if there's more RSS/Atom bugs!

~ Nicky