This is probably the 8th time I've restarted my website.
It won't be the last time.

ncase.me on march 30th 2014

Like the rest of my work, I wanted this little space of mine on the internet to be as open as possible. My new site is hosted on Github Pages, and this blog is powered by the open-source Ghost. I've also reposted my six best/least-worst writings from 2013, with a new design that is much... uh... cleaner than what I had before.

Thank you, Internet Archive, for immortalizing my bad taste.

nutcasenightmare.com on jan 18th 2011

But as painful as it is to see past versions of ourselves, it's where we came from, and it shows us how much we've grown. I can't wait to know what future me will find embarrassing about present me. Probably that I use alot of notwords. Like "alot" and "notword".

What I make is a reflection of who I am.
So, what happens to my work when who I am changes?

Burn it all, motherfucker. Let's restart again.

dear 74369 people, i am so so sorry.