Table For Two

Writing Prompt - A person with multiple personality disorder decides to kill themself.

"Table for two, please."

The waiter leads Lynn over to a cozy corner table, far away from all the other patrons. As per her request. As they walk, she fidgets with a small handwritten letter in her purse. When they get to her table, Lynn takes the less comfortable chair, saving the other one for an old friend, who -- oh, yup, her lack of meds is kicking in -- there he is.

"Hi, Flynn."

"Hey, Lynn! How've you been?"

"You live in the same brain I do. You tell me."

"Aw don't be like that, Lynn, I wanna hear it in your words!"

"Well, I had a job interview yesterday. It went alright."

"Oh yeah, I remember that. I was there!"

"Yeah. Flynn. You did the interview for me."

"And... how alright did it go?"

"They offered me a junior position. Flynn, we need to--"

"Yes! You go girl. Is that envelope in your purse the official offer?"


"Oh! Have you told your new boy-toy -- oh excuse me boyfriend -- yet? Or would you like me to talk to him again?"

"Flynn, please--"

"Seriously, that hunk is such a great catch. When we first met, I remember you were still insecure about your body, but now that we've been hitting the gym, you--"


The waiter is silently standing by, a basket of garlic bread shaking in his hands. There's also an audience of confused restaurant patrons. Flynn thinks quick. He possesses Lynn's arm, raises a phone to her ear, and makes her turn around so that everyone can see she's just on a call. Yup, on a call. The restaurant patrons go back to their food and gossip. The waiter places the basket of bread on the table, mumbling letmeknowwheneveryouarereadytoorder before slipping away.

Better to seem rude than crazy.

Flynn reaches his non-existent arm out to Lynn.

"Hey... are... are you okay?"

Lynn inhales the garlic-flavoured air.

"I want to die."

Flynn almost chokes on the water he wasn't drinking.

"Let's go to Dr. Mercer's first thing tomorrow morning, get more anti-depressants. We can--"

Lynn is annoyed that his immediate reaction is to come up with a reasonable, actionable plan. It always was. That's why she needed him, and why she needed to leave him.

"Flynn. Hundreds of pills and thousands of dollars later, we both know the anti-depressants only help you. That's why you are what you are right now. I'm still the sad sack of shit I was a year ago."

Flynn felt a bit hurt she called him a 'what'.

"I... I don't get it, Lynn... your life is going so well right now."

Lynn slapped her letter on the table. Crumpled up from her tight grip.

"Not my life. Yours."

She stands up, while her body stays put in the less comfortable chair. She makes a sharp turn on her non-existent heel, and walks straight to the exit, passing through the waiter on her way there. Flynn blinks, and is transported into Lynn's body, facing the seat that just two seconds ago he wasn't sitting in.

Flynn swings his head around, calling out to her.

"LYNN!" He yells in Lynn's voice. "WAIT!"

But she's already faded away.

Flynn in Lynn's skin.

He stares at the cold uneaten garlic bread, as if he's trying to get answers out of it.

He finally notices the crumpled letter, still sitting there in front of him. He now knows it's a suicide note. And even though he could simply dig into the old remains of Lynn's memory to find out what it says, Flynn wants to respect her. He gently opens the envelope. He unfolds the letter. He reads it out loud in Lynn's voice, so that these would be her last words, not... that.

Flynn decides that after reading this letter -- he always makes plans -- he'll give her a eulogy. This was a funeral for one.

He couldn't read more than a paragraph at a time.

It would be rude to cry in a public restaurant.

Writing Notes:
- I feel this story's too mechanical.
  You know? It's got a virtual suicide, but
  there's very little emotion in it.
- And I *am* trying to write characters
  better than world-building, ever since
  Stupid Cubecats. Which, actually, y'know,
  had really great character already.
  Alright. Good character in a SHORT space.
- Same strategy: Know the ending, the beats
  leading up to it, & improvise in-between.
- Beats: Flynn's always helped, Lynn gets
  mad, Lynn leaves, Flynn takes over.
- Improv: Garlic bread, the phone, and
  the suicide note.