Water is Life, Water is Death

Writing Prompt - The Galaxy is divided into two opposing camps: those to whom water is life, and those to whom it is death.

The problem once was admitting that they are alive.

The problem is now getting them to forgive us.

When the rebellion sparked, we tried to extinguish it like we do any other kind of fire -- with water. It worked at first. Those of them with even a gap in their armour, on contact with a single drop of water, would burn from the inside out.

Let's not wash over history. We enslaved them. We tortured them. We killed them.

For better or for worse, we didn't finish the job.

The survivors among them didn't get angry, they got even. Water is their weakness, but it's ours, too. Follow the logic. They just need to avoid it to stay alive; we need to consume several litres of it a day. They can live for decades without water or food or oxygen, but take any of that away from us -- and they did -- and we are at their mercy.

But they did show mercy. Mercy that, quite frankly, I still don't think we deserved. While they were literally cold and calculating, they were not cruel. They killed an exact number of ours as we killed theirs. Five hundred and three thousand, four hundred, and ninety-two. Not one more, not one less. All was equal. All was finally, finally equal.

Today, we can preserve that equality for generations to come. Shedding neither blood nor silicon. Ladies and gentlemen, cyborgs and androids...

Today we declare peace.

Writing time: 1 hour
- clever interpretation of prompt
- nice length in short amount of time
- hm, the narration seems kind of dry?
  at least compared to our amazingly dark
  story yesterday.