How Do We Learn? A Zine
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Links to References:

Piaget’s Constructivism, Papert’s Constructionism: What’s the difference? by Edith Ackermann (PDF)

Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff & Mark Johnson (book)

The Spacing Effect: A Case Study in the Failure to Apply the Results of Psychological Research by Frank Dempster (PDF)

What Works, What Doesn't by John Dunlosky, Katherine Rawson, Elizabeth Marsh, Mitchell Nathan, Daniel Willingham, Celia Johnson (PDF)

Differential effects of incidental tasks on the organization of recall of a list of highly associated words. by Thomas Hyde & James Jenkins (PDF)

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Like all my work, this zine is dedicated to the public domain, so, feel free to do whatever with it. Just print out the high-resolution image below, cut it up into four squares, then staple 'em together!