Hi, I'm Nicky Case! Here are my latest three posts: (see full archive)

Signal Boosts for June 2024 · stuff I liked last month
Signal Boosts for May 2024 · stuff I liked last month
Clearing out the idea closet (47 projects on my backlog) · 47 things I didn't ship.

And here's five of my favorite things I've written so far:

Back to the Future with RSS! · a short intro to the good ol' web (4 min read)
Curse of the Chocolate-Covered Broccoli · the science of emotion in learning, a sloppy literature review (7 min read)
Lizard Person · a tiny story in a tiny diner (4 min read)
Parable of the Hill Climber · a children's picture book about mid-life depression and stochastic gradient descent (2 min read)
How Do I Learn [X]? · my quick tips on learning, writing, math, art, etc. (9 min read)

Thanks for reading! 💖