How To Simulate The Universe, In 134 Easy Steps

Here's the text version of a talk I gave a few days ago!

My talk was about systems and simulations – and how they can make us more empathetic, more empowered, or at least, give us a deeper understanding of the world... or something like that.

For some reason, I never really considered a talk as a "real project". Coz I mean, it's just talking for half an hour, right? I do that all the time, whether or not the other person actually wanted to listen to me geek out about indie games for thirty minutes.

Only after typing up the text version of this talk, did I realize how much effort it actually is. I plugged it into a word count tool, and my talk is 3800+ words long. That's the longest thing I've ever written. Longer than Simulating The World In Emoji (2400+ words), longer than my rant on how we activists are doing things wrong (2800+ words), longer than my evo-bio-psychological dyke drama set in space (2500+ words).

And yet, 3800+ words is only half an hour of speech. (And so, the text version would take you just about twenty minutes to read)

So yeah, long story short, I'm going to start mentally counting talks as "real projects". (so I can feel better about having done them, and be more cautious about accepting offers to speak) They take a lot of effort, I do publish them online, and they actually seem to resonate a lot with people! Hopefully this talk hit a good balance of inspiring and actually practically useful.

My sketch-notes from the other talks (like I did for the systems-thinking workshop) will be coming soon!

* my talk's page's format was heavily inspired by idle words