New Explorable! “COVID-19 Futures, Explained With Playable Simulations”

I launched this 2 weeks ago and totally forgot to put it on this blog, so here you go: the most technical, in-depth explorable I've ever made!

😷 “What Happens Next?” (30 min play/read) 😷
🔬 A collab with epidemiologist Marcel Salathé 🔬

Also, yesterday 3Blue1Brown did a video adaptation of Marcel + my comic explaining how to do COVID-19 contact tracing in a totally privacy-protecting way! Check it out:

Thanks, Grant! Let's hope "Test, Trace, Isolate" gets a lot more traction soon, so we can all go back to an 80%-normal life, and I can go back to dating queer cuties over hot chocolate and weeaboo comics