New project! Nutshell: make expandable explanations

After 2 years of procrastinating on this project... it's finally out! My first post-burnout-hiatus interactive thingy:

🥜 Nutshell: make expandable explanations 🥜
👉 👈

This is a tool for writers, to let their readers dive into details. Not shown in the above .gif, are two other "killer features": 1) you can embed snippets of text from other authors & websites, even stuff written years ago! And 2) you can embed interactives, YouTube videos, and the intros of Wikipedia articles.

If you're writing a blog, news articles, code documentation, educational material, etc... I hope Nutshell helps you help your readers.

(See you next month... for explainers written with Nutshell!)

P.S: Testing, testing... let's see if this blog post can :embed itself...