The Public Domain Jam

The following is a first draft of my announcement that Nothing To Hide (an uncopyrighted indie game) is hosting a grand prize for The Public Domain Game Jam!

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

By quoting Isaac Newton, I'm borrowing his shoulders to make a point:
The future is a remix of the past.

Many creations build upon the old & familiar to make them new & unique. Games especially. That's why we need to have a stronger public domain, a stronger creative commons, for the artists of tomorrow to learn from the artists of yesterday.

I love open art. I organized The Open Game Art Bundle, and am open-sourcing my upcoming indie game, Nothing To Hide. That's why I'm also hosting a $1000 grand prize for the best CC Zero game to come out of this game jam! I want to support artists who not only borrow from the public domain, but also give back to it.

Recent copyright laws make it harder for us to build upon the past. Creativity is shrugged off, given a cold shoulder. The Public Domain Jam won't jumpstart Renaissance 2.0. But it's a step forward. Taking a stand, standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Now let's make some games.